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        English簡體中文Customer Service : 0086 -773-5870889 , 0086 -773- 8989089

        Air-cooled Induction Sealer SR-2000A

        Air cooled & table top induction sealing machine SR-2000A

        Continuous electromagnetic induction aluminum foil sealing machine SR-2000A

        1、Full modular component design, can be against moisture, erosion, dust and magnetism, minimizes maintenance requirements and increase the rease.

        2、The induction generator has adopt the latest imported transistor and CPU module cont

        3、All functions are marked on the panel clearly . operation is very convenience

        4、The induction sensor with 6 pieces coil and 5 pieces 220V fan( coil quantities can be chance accorder to bottle nect diameter), it can sealing quickly and perfectly.

        5、Height of  induction sensor is adjustable and flexible for a range of bottle height.

        6、Full Air-cooling systems, efficient high-speed, it can continual work for whole day

        7、With stainless steel body, meet the GMP demand.

        8、With the special alarm system, the machine will alarm when the tank water less, water temperature high

        9、 With 4 wheels under the machine body, it is very easy to move and use to flow packing liner.

        Host, stand, sensor head can be split to reduce transportation costs

        The induction generator, shelf and induction seasor can be split to pack。It is easy to ship.

        10、The induction sensor and generator of same machine model can be change. Our machine has get the CE authentication

        NOTE: the conveyor and rejector are optional part.

        Product: for pesticide, tablet & capsule, foods, cosmetic, lubricant &oil packaging etc. Plastic bottle and glass bottle sealing.



        bottle neck diameter


        bottle height


        flow packing line speed


        max power


        sealing speed


        electricity power

        220V, 50/60Hz

        Induction sensor size


        665mm*170mm *100mm

        machine size


        machine weight


        packaged size


        package weight



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